See the speaking page of this site for links to the slides from Bill's previous presentations on a variety of topics.

Starting a new job as a fundraiser?  Here are some reports from Raiser's Edge you might want to ask your database staff for.

Beginning a new capital or other campaign that you need Raiser's Edge to help support?  This is a list of questions the fundraisers and campaign staff need to enter so the database staff can set up Raiser's Edge to accommodate these campaign needs.

Here is another example of Bill's recommended approach to creating policy and procedure documentation for Raiser's Edge.

Are you the database administrator or power user responsible for creating the mailings and other data files discussed in Chapte 4 of the book?  Here are the PowerPoint slides from a presentation Bill made on this topic at a Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits.

Should you have "former" Constituent Codes in Raiser's Edge, such as "Former Board Member"?  See this post Bill made to the fundsvcs list in response to that question.







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