Conversion and Implementation Services Offered

The following are the typical steps in implementing Raiser’s Edge NXT at all organizations, though the complexity of each conversion and implementation are dramatically affected by the size and sophistication of each organization. Bill's services generally are used for a combination of (1) leadership and guidance to organizations’ staffs as they work through these steps and (2) doing the work with and for the organizations to drive the process through to successful completion.

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I went to a Donor Database roundtable discussion today...I just wanted to let you know that I gave you raving reviews and recommended that anyone converting to or using The Raiser's Edge call Bill.  It was interesting that I was the only one who raised my hand to the question "Who is happy with their current database" -and I think our organization is in such a good position with RE because we really took the steps to evaluate what database would best work for us and hired Bill to help us create a very clean and useable RE database. So thanks and kudos to you!

Membership & Database Manager
Environmental Organization
Marin County, California